Smart charging solutions and efficient energy management.

Smappee EV charging stations ensure efficient charging for your vehicle at home, at work, or on the go. Up to 6 times cheaper. And there’s more. Smappee analyzes your electricity, solar energy, water, and gas consumption in real-time. With Smappee, you use your energy in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Choose your Smappee

EV Wall White Socket e1698709649726

EV Wall

Ideal for home


With socket or 8m charging cable.

Energy management through Smappee Infinity.

EV One Black Frontside Opened Right

EV One

Ideal for home or business


With socket

Energy management through Smappee Infinity.

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EV Base

Ideal for business


2 sockets or 5m charging cables

Energy management available separately

More than just a home charging station.


By charging your vehicle at the lowest rates, you can charge cheaper than ever before. With Smappee, you can charge up to 6 times cheaper, thanks to dynamic rates and load balancing.

A future-oriented and revolutionary design.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is done with our charging stations in an elegant, robust, and revolutionary design. They are also weather-resistant. With our Smappee app, you can charge your vehicle quickly and remotely. And this is made possible with the most innovative and patented technology that can not only control your charging station but also other appliances such as your heat pump or solar panels.

Fast, safe and easy to use.

Charging your car at home a daunting task? On the contrary! With our smart technology, you can charge your car easily and quickly. Using your own solar energy, taking advantage of off-peak hours, or using the most cost-effective dynamic rate. And all of this with safety in mind: no blown fuses or risk of overloading.

Reduce your ecological footprint.

Charging at home, and that too maximally with the help of solar energy? You’re making your contribution to a better environment and reducing your ecological footprint. Moreover, with our home charging stations, you often qualify for certain subsidies because you’re contributing to climate protection.

Insight anytime, anywhere.


Thanks to the Smappee app, you always have insight into your consumption and charging costs no matter where you are. This way, you continuously have real-time information, as well as historical data, about your home charging station and your energy flows.

EV Wall white 8m cable e1695039978260
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Up to 6 times cheaper charging with smart energy management

Do you want to maximize the solar energy generated by your home solar panels for your charging sessions? You can! With the integrated energy management system, you can charge your electric vehicle throughout the day using solar energy or at the lowest energy rate. Smappee maximizes your use of solar energy and consumes energy based on off-peak hours, capacity rates, or dynamic rates. This is the most cost-effective energy for your vehicle and household appliances. You can charge up to 6 times cheaper and save on your energy bill.

Smappee Infinity

All-in-one energy management system

Smappee Infinity provides a comprehensive solution for voltage measurement and dynamic load balancing between solar energy, electric vehicles, and other devices through a cloud-based interface. New submetering capabilities enable the Infinity modules and the gateway to gather more data, reducing costs for (multi)family and business systems. Read all private and commercial use cases.

A modular solution for every energy need.

Smappee understands that every customer is unique. That’s why they’ve made Smappee Infinity as flexible as possible. With the extensive range of energy management options, you can choose the functions and services you need to provide a tailor-made solution. From smart car charging and optimized self-consumption to significant energy and cost savings. If you want more control, data, or services over time, no problem! The modularity of Smappee Infinity allows you to adapt the existing solution to your new needs. Discover the various Smappee modules for a wide range of applications.

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Efficient & safe

How does Smartchargers operate?

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Technical analysis

We carefully analyse your infrastructure.

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Full-service installation

Cabling, installation, and placement of the charging station.


Electrical inspection

Electrical inspection and user training software.


Software included

We provide tailored solutions for your business: charging cards, monitoring software, and software to operate your charging stations.

Charging card

Apply for your charging card and use more than 180,000 charging stations across Europe.

Mobile app

E-mobility service provider with mobile app. Track your expenses and charge your car wherever you are.

CPO Software

Manage and monitor your charging point infrastructure and usage.