Blitz Power Station

The charging station that outpaces the rest in design and function.

Choose your charger

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Model Tower

Ideal for businesses or parking.

Robuust aluminium design

Place it wherever you want.

Neatly store cables in the pole.

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Model Wall

Ideal for home and at the company

Robuust aluminium design

tight to the wall

Cables on an integrated hook.

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Model Push

Ideal for home

Robuust aluminium design

Fully stored when not in use.

Only available with a plug.

Charging at home

The ultimate charging station for design enthusiasts.

Charge your car quickly and safely at your doorstep or in your garage. Nothing could be easier. And thanks to Blitz’s design solution, it’s also enjoyable to look at.

Charging at work

Shift to a higher gear in sustainability.

Charge your electric cars in a controlled, easy, and safe manner? For that, you rely on Blitz. ChatGPT Invest in a flexible charging station tailored to your site, operations, and corporate identity.

Charging on the public road.

Ready for new customers and additional income?

More and more people are driving electric vehicles. Invest in your charging infrastructure so that your parking facility is ready for the upcoming e-revolution.

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About Blitz Power

"100% charged for a green future."

Blitz develops high-quality charging solutions for electric vehicles with an exceptional focus on functionality and design. This not only encourages smart and responsible energy usage, but we are also literally working towards a more beautiful world.

The values

"Green energy? That's what energizes us."

Our planet can’t wait any longer. Neither can we. With Blitz, we are constantly exploring new ways to make our mobility more sustainable. We believe that electric charging can be more accessible, easier, and more efficient. By lowering the barrier, we aim to raise ecological awareness. Fossil fuels? We simply unplug from that. Together with you

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The vision

With Blitz, we create a creative, open-minded, and inspiring brand that makes life more sustainable and therefore more beautiful.

With Blitz, we strive for a world where sustainability and beauty go hand in hand. We are convinced that a charging station can also be beautiful without compromising on quality and functionality. Our products not only work fantastically but also look amazing. Moreover, they are fully customizable to seamlessly fit into your setting.

Efficient & safe

How does Smartchargers operate?

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Technical analysis

We carefully analyse your infrastructure.

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Full-service installation

Cabling, installation & placement of the charging point.


Electrical inspection

Electrical inspection & user training software.


Software included

We provide customized solutions for your business: charging cards, monitoring software, and software to operate your charging stations.

Charge card

Apply for your charging card and use more than 180,000 charging stations across Europe.

Mobile app

Track your expenses and charge your vehicle wherever you are. Track your expenses and charge your car wherever you are.

CPO Software

Manage and monitor your charging point infrastructure and usage.