Load balancing

BREEX Smartchargers charging systems distinguish themselves from the competition thanks to load balancing. Our chargers are suitable for almost all applications and ensure an optimal distribution of energy. In this way, you do not need to extend your network unnecessarily and you save a lot of costs. Various load balancing options are available, depending on your specific situation. We will be happy to list them for you!

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Load Balancing 1

Two charging points on one charging system

All our charging systems deliver 22 kW per charging point. Is this amount of power not available? Then a power distribution is required. For example, if there is only 22 kW (32A) available and you want to charge two cars, we distribute the 22 kW to both cars so that they can both charge at 11 kW (16A). As soon as one car has been charged, we automatically transfer the power to the other car. That car can then charge again at full power.

Multiple charging points on multiple charging systems

Are several charging points connected to one installation group (e.g. three charging systems with six charging points)? Then we divide the fixed power among the different charging cars. An example: If six cars are charging at the same time, we divide the power among all cars. When three have been fully charged, all cars can charge at maximum power.

Load Balancing 2
Load Balancing 3

Dynamic load balancing

The second load balancing option can be combined with a varying amount of energy. Returning to the previous example, we can place an extra energy meter or load balancer next to the main charging point, which measures the consumption precisely. In this way, energy that is intended for other uses can be made available exclusively for the cars to be charged.

An example: A building has a 100A network connection to which three charging systems are connected. When no energy is consumed in the building, the charging systems can distribute the full 100A to the cars. If the building itself also needs power (e.g. 20A), the charging systems are only allocated 80A.

Load Balancing 3B
Load Balancing 4

Phase rotation

Finally, we also incorporate a phase reversal in our BREEX Smartchargers charging systems. This means that two single-phase charging vehicles never run the risk of using the same phase. Cars do not have to be balanced because there is targeted electricity control. Furthermore, your vehicle charges more quickly.

Features of our current transformers for indirect load balancing

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